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African National Aero Nautical Space Institute authorises the first astronaut into outer-space.

The African National Aero Nautical Space Institute (A.N.A.N.S.I) deliberated for several days on the best course of action when Ghanaian scientists first discovered the black-hole and revealed the latest threat to the people of earth.

The most challenging aspect of the council’s discussions was how they were to tackle the effects of the black-hole and how much time they had to develop a plan that would work.
The people of earth had not yet achieved intergalactic flight and so they first needed to build a space ship, and fast. They called upon the expertise of the wacky Professor Boateng, who with the help of military scientists built the first NSI space craft, christened the Interceptor.
Its mission, to journey to the black-hole and save planet Earth by any means necessary.
The council of the institute examined all possible candidates for this suicidal mission and reluctantly agreed to call upon Captain Wobi Black.

created by ghana comic’s network.